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How can you tell if your 13 year olds son masturbating and p0rn reported? ® How can you tell if your 13 year olds son masturbating and p0rn reported?

Consider by Candid: how to know if your 13 year old son is masturbating and watching p0rn?

How can you know if your son is masturbating if you haven’t caught him yet? Any physical changes for e.g thinness ? Any change in behaviour?

I noticed also that he likes “rock music” now but he loves country music before….

I think my son is watching p0rn but he’s deleting the history of his computer. So how can i know if my suspicions are real? Is there any way to retrieve the deleted history?

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Answer by Love
hahaha good one!

Answer by Janet
Why would you want to know? If you have issues with him doing it talk to him upfront.

Answer by Dom
who cares what he does hes 13 almost in highschool im assuming. if you catch him that would be humiliating. just be happy hes not doing drugs

Answer by Poetic Genitals
There aren’t any physical or behavioural changes brought on by masturbation. If you’re trying to figure out when to chat with him about not getting girls pregnant, now’s probably a fine time. Be honest and open with him instead of sneaking around on his computer to figure out what’s going on.

And there are ways to retrieve the deleted history (or anything deleted really), but if you have to ask then you probably wouldn’t be able to get it.

Answer by Charliee
if you call a computer specialist, he can retrieve the history, but also, if you check the history and it’s completely empty, you know your son is hiding something.

This might sound foul but depending on his handedness, his forearm on his dominant hand may begin to look stronger if masturbates a lot.

You can check the recycling bin on the computer for evidence because sometimes people forget that you also need to empty the recycling bin to remove stuff completely.

i think people forget that masturbation is completely normal, especial in pubescent boys.

I would be worries if he wasn’t masturbating my 13/14ish

Answer by jimmy
Its all part of growing up, i started at thirteen… at least hes not getting girls pregnant.. he wont grow out of it neither lol

dont worry about it..

Answer by Mr G.I.
He’s 13. And has a computer. Of course he’s watching it. Why does it matter anyway?

Answer by smallfryplease
yes there’s a way to check the router. temail me and I’ll ask my son to email you how to do it, it’s really easy but I’m a computer dork so I have my 15 year old teach me stuff… over… and over… and over  If you are suspicious get his computer out of his room!!!!!! Don’t you think raising kids is hard? There’s too much junk you have to worry about now a days, way hard I think.

Answer by Miss England
Why would you want to know? masturbation is a very private thing, and why on earth would you want to catch him doing it? there’s no harm in it, he’s just being a teenager.

Answer by pedro315
In my opinion who cares,hes 13 its normal to masturbate at that age,his body is experiencing changes and its healthy to explore them but if you really want to know if he is you can download this program and do as i say:

this is recuva a program that allows you to see stuff u deleted or in this case images u saw on the internet;Download the program and start it select images and the last place u saw the file:in this case u don’t remember you click run and it will show u all the images u saw on the internet in the last 4 days! hope i helped and be easy on him.

Answer by Ļôĺẅŧךּß ツ
Honestly, even though you are his parent it is really none of your business. He probably is since he’s pretty young and hormones are going crazy at that age. You shouldn’t try to stop this though, watching porn and masturbating is a harmless way for him to take care of his needs. Would you rather him be doing his, or out having sex with girls?

Answer by Angela
why wouldn’t it be ok anyway he is growing up learning new things every day he growing older if you really want to know talk to him about the talk pretty fast so he doesn’t get suspicious then ask him is he watches porn not about the masturbating that’s personal

Answer by Emily
i don’t think its a big deal… let him explore his body, he’s curious. it’s normal for boys his age to do this. don’t emberass him by bringing it up..

Answer by BEAND1P
The only physical change there is is tht one arm has more muscles than the other, or tht he takes long times in the shower, but it’s completely normal for any boy to do this!

Answer by Chris
you dont. simple as that.

Now unless you want him to instead change from masturbating and watching harmless porn to explore his now growing body to taking drugs, smoking, having sex out on the streets. then go and spy on him for all i care.

13 is a very normal age to start being curious, masturbating.

i know you are his mother and you are caring for his well being but please just give him some privacy.

if you dont, then he will probobly take drastic measures away from the safety of his home since you are at home spying at his every move.

his change in music has absolutely nothing to do with this situation. Before, I use to like rap, now i like pop. Its all a change in preference in his developing boyhood.

just leave him alone for now.

now unless your getting suspicions of him taking drugs, smoking, having sex with girls (or guys) out on the streets. THEN you should start investigating.

As for this. its a very normal thing for a boy his age.

Now what you can do if you really wish to know is to have the “talk” with him.

Hes old enough to know and I am sure his friends at school talk about it all the time.

If you dont know what the “talk” is. Its you telling him KINDLY and UNDERSTANDINGLY that masturbating is a normal process of life. and that if he wish to do it. he may in his own privacy.

If you show him that it is ok to masturbate and that you allow it. Then he may start being honest with you too.

When i was starting out masturbating. I was afraid to tell my parents since i was afraid they were going to yell at me and for that I kinda became a wreck.

Btw. If he closes his door. please knock before you barge in. If you just barge in. It is rude and also a invasion of his privacy.

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How can you tell if your 13 year olds son masturbating and p0rn reported?

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